mParivahan App || Get RC Book, Driving License in Digital Format

By | August 8, 2021
mParivahan App || Get RC Book, Driving License in Digital Formate

mParivahan App || Get RC Book, Driving License in Digital Format: What is the mParivahan app? And how to use it? Given the recent imposition of fines on people for violating traffic rules, a government application called MPrivahan can be useful to many. We used the mParivahan app to test and find out if it was really useful. Developed by NIC, mParivahan app can be used to easily access important documents like driving license, vehicle registration certificate, insurance validation. With the help of this ‘mParivahan’ app, users can keep important documents like Registration Certificate (RC) and driving license in digital format on the smartphone. The virtual format of the documents is valid and verifiable just like the original documents.

The virtual format of the documents is valid and verifiable just like the original documents. In such a situation, if the traffic inspector stops you, you can show documents like DL or RC in the smartphone. To download a virtual driving license using this app, you must have a vehicle registration number and original driving license. You may also need to enter your birthday. So after these documents, you have to follow some steps.

If you want to avoid traffic police action, if you forget your car papers at home, you do not need to do much, just install an app called mParivahan app. This app has been launched by the government so that you can keep your vehicle documents in digital form. Here we will learn about what mParivahan app is and how to use it.

How to download this app?

  • Step-1- Go to Google Play Store on Android phone and Apple App Store on iPhone.
  • Step-2- Find an app called ‘mParivahan’ here.

Or click here to download mParivahan app  Play Store App:- Download

  • After clicking on the application, tap Install.

How to use MParivahan app?

After installing the mPrahan app, it’s time to use it. It is a bit tedious job but you can easily understand from the mentioned process. Follow these steps.

  • First, open the mParivahan app on your mobile.
  • You will see a three-line icon at the top right of the application, click on it.
  • Click on the sign-in option here.
  • When signing in, first you have to enter your mobile number, then an OTP will come to that number, you have to enter it.
  • Now go to the homepage of the app and click on RC (Registration Certificate). Enter your vehicle number and search in the RC’s search field.
  • The application will then automatically retrieve details and data related to the vehicle.
  • How to download a driving license in MParivahan app?

To download a driving license, follow the steps below.

  • Step-1- Go to the homepage of mParivahan app
  • Step-2- Click on RC on the home screen.
  • Step-3- Enter your driving license number in the search.
  • Step-4- After this, you will see all the data related to DL there. All you have to do is click on Add to Dashboard.

How to download Virtual RC (Certificate of Registration).

To download Virtual RC (Certificate of Registration), follow these steps.

  • Open the ‘MParivahan’ app.
  • Tap on the three lines in the upper right corner.
  • Tap on sign-in option here and enter your mobile number and SMS verification code.
  • Now go to the home screen of the application and tap on RC and enter and find the vehicle number in the search field.
  • The application will automatically fetch the data attached to the registration number.

Now you can add RC by clicking on ‘ADD TO DASHBOARD’.

How to Download Virtual DLL (Driving License) ..

Follow these steps to download the Virtual DLL (Driving License).

  • Tap on the ‘RC’ tab on the home screen.
  • Now search by entering the DL number in the search field.
  • After this, all the data related to DL will appear in the app.

Now you have to tap on ‘ADD TO DASHBOARD’.

Play Store App:- Download

Final Words: So this way you can also use the mParivahan app to digitally keep your vehicle documents like RC book, driving license, insurance paper, and P.U.C. This is an app launched by the government itself and developed by NIC. So it is valid everywhere and the DL you mentioned in it will also be valid. Thanks

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